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Newly MS and running half a marathon in Oct is it crazy?

Létrehozta: aaronpawlak  |  2018-03-31 08:15:02-kor


I basically received a diagnosis of RRMS in March in France and still waiting for confirmation in Uk where I live (almost there!). Suppose to start medication but I guess will occur when NHS decides there is a space and referrals letters are actually written, so let's say another 2 months. Started OMS program fully 1 month ago.
Just received a post from friends who are asking my husband and I whether we would want to run 20k in October for A bowel cancer charity. One of our friends died last year of that cancer after a 5 years battle. They don't know I have MS. I had always said I would want to run a race in my life, I guess the opportunity is now presenting itself. But timing wise based on recent diagnosis would it be crazy? Also I am almost a running virgin, started some exercises last year ( core work mainly following birth of 2nd baby) and just about started doing 15 mins runs once a week. My MS symptoms so far are fatigue, slight headache from time to time, slight feeling of being phased out from time to time. I suffered from creepy crawly on face last year and a balance problem 6 years ago. Let's say that 2 young kids and work and adapting to MS may sound enough. But part of me thinks I need to do things before potentially I am not able to. Hence crazy idea to want to try and run the 20k. Any advice from runners with MS? I saw there is a blog with one mentioning he has run triathlon. So there is hope I could do it?

Please help

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