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Swimming lessons, what to focus on ?

Létrehozta: aaronpawlak  |  2018-03-05 11:53:59-kor


I'm learning to swim at 48, 5'10" 165 lb unfit. Have done 20 hours of lessons over the last 10 months.I've finally decided to make extra trips to the pool, had only been doing the half hour lesson per week.What should I work on to increase my freestyle endurance ? I can swim 25 metres but it puffs me out. 25 metre kick drills face down are a real struggle, kicking on my back is no problem.Went this morning with the intention of torpedoing off the wall and kicking facedown as far as possible repeatedly but the pool was busy, so busy I ended up in the fast lane, worked out OK just doing front crawl, back torpedo and back stroke. Bit embarrassing with the Lady I was sharing the lane with going non stop whilst I kept stopping and resting.

If I tried unilateral breathing I'd stop 2/3 of the lap because the breaths come to fast and I get out of synch, but I'd have to go again so I wouldn't hold the lane up and found I could swim to the end easily, tidily and fastish on one breath. EDIT that is with one breath starting from 2/3's of the way down the pool.Do I do mostly kick drills to increase my endurance whilst practising breathing, or do I just keep doing freestyle laps as often as I can to get the endurance and coordination ??

Please help

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