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Weak in cardio, reasons why?

Létrehozta: Williamhawk  |  2017-09-12 13:14:59-kor


Every time i try to do cardio- running/elliptical/treadmill- my heart rate is way above both the fat burning or the cardio training zone range for my age and weight, about 20bpm over. I get short of breath super easy too. I'm a young and fairly fit girl in an average weight range, I do a moderate workout maybe 4 or 5 times a week and am fairly active otherwise. I'm vegetarian and eat pretty healthily. But I've always had this problem with running/cardio, and it's becoming a real pain. I had a mild case of asthma as a kid and while I don't have "attacks" now, an inhaler sometimes helps my chest relax when this happens. However, it doesn't make it go away entirely. Is asthma what could be causing my problem? I haven't been diagnosed with it recently. Is there anything I can do about this? I try to "strengthen" my cardio but even a light stuff shoots my heart rate way up, it doesn't feel like I'm any different for trying.

Please help.

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