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Airshow equipment

Létrehozta: Williamhawk  |  2017-09-11 14:40:30-kor


I will travel to two airshows in summer. I am not familiar with shooting planes. So, I ask for some advice please.
I own two crop Cameras, the Canon 80D and the Canon 7D Mark II. From my girlfried I could get an Canon 6D Mark I, if I need it. As favourite lens I will use the Canon 100-400mm Mark II and for planes more far away, I have the Canon 500mm 4 L Mark II and the Extender 1.4 Mark III. For static planes the 35mm 2 and 50mm 1.4

I will take two Cameras with me. I am not convinced to take my two crop Cameras with me. Should I combine my 500mm prime lens with the Canon 6D and the 100-400mm lens with the 7D Mark II?  The image quality would be better if I move up in ISOs. What would you do? 

Which minimal shutter sheep is best for jets? 1/1250s? Maximal ISO 800?

Please help.

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