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Buying decisions

Létrehozta: Williamhawk  |  2017-09-11 14:37:50-kor


So the family and I are taking on a grand adventure of building a home. We have purchased property with a single wide trailer. Unfortunately PGE is slacking on bringing the paid power poles to the corner of the property. So for most likely the first 6 months we will need to live off a generator. Ive been told the most efficient way is to purchase one that can run off propane. I've looked at the generac units but have had mixed reviews. What would anyone reccomend for this type of situation? We will need to run the 100amp panel on the trailer along with the 1hp well pump and the pump for the septic. The septic pump is just a unit to release liquids from one tank to the leach field. So that shouldn't have a high amp draw. Any good suggestions? Are there setups where I can turn the unit on and off from inside the house?

Please help.

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