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A marathon in under 3 hours

Tough and good going

martski | 2013-08-11 21:32:05 | 4 hozzászólás

Starting this plan
was a very good idea for me. It has pushed me into running almost every day, and mixed up all the different types of runs - much more than I would have done myself. Injury has made me too cautious in the past 2 years.

However I am tired most days - falling asleep quickly after 2200,and needing to go to bed early. Sometimes my legs are weary. But I am managing to keep going.

The mix of runs with hill sprints, fartleks, intervals, steady (tempo) runs, plus 1 mile and 2 mile runs, shorter sprints and easy runs is very good. Now I am starting with longer tempo runs - e.g. 26 km in 2 hours - that is hard! I still hate fartleks most of all though!

I do not have the plain speed still, it is clear. I was supposed to run 10K in 40 minutes, I could only manage 43:16 !!! It was hot, but still I am not fast enough. Next Sunday Ihave to aim for 39 minutes :) I doubt it somehow! Interestingly I have managed to do the longer ones in time - just.

My weight is also coming down a bit - inevitable with good healthy eating and training every morning - getting the metabolism high early in the day. Soon I will start the power breathing exercises again.

The other thing I wish to determine is taking some energy tablets for eating on the route. I heard that protein ones are the best per gramme - thoughts welcome on that from anyone.

I am curious how I will do in the Budapest half marathon, though I guess a lot depends on the temperature. If it is cool, I really should be getting another personal best, I must be fitter than I have ever been. Though my 3-hour marathon plan says I should aim for 1h23 in the half marathon - that's not going to happen! My pb so far is 1h28m28.

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