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A marathon in under 3 hours

A good week

martski | 2013-03-08 23:59:19 | 3 hozzászólás

Finally it seems that I am getting a bit of proper running together.
Last week I managed 75km - one of my best weeks ever distance wise, and this week is not far off, even after taking 2 days off.
I have to be careful though with my right knee - I feel a slight twinge. That is an old injury, it feels like cramp in the front of my leg/knee, but it must be a strain of some kind. Not surprising I guess as the distance has increased a bit suddenly, and I need to be careful.
Well I guess I need to rest tomorrow, before I try a 30 km Sunday :)

It was pleasant today to do some proper intervals. It's funny though how tough these are after I was so fit last year. I did 4x800m today and was struggling. I was doing 10x800m at the end of last year! Plus most of those 10 were faster than I could manage today. But I am pleased to do 4 - I couldn't last week...

I need to start the breathing exercises soon, I think that made a HUGE difference for me last year,and every little helps.

Anyway, looking forward things look good. I just need to keep things going - I am curious how quick I can go in Debrecen. Probably 1h35 I would think.

A frustrating start to the year

martski | 2013-03-02 20:32:38 | 2 hozzászólás

2012 was great from a running point of view – I stayed injury free, as a result I ran 2500 km, almost double the 2011, and I smashed my marathon and half marathon personal bests - by some distance.

So I relaxed a bit at the end of the year, I ate a bit more around Christmas and I drank a bit more than I did earlier in 2012.
I wanted to then start getting a really solid base going in January 2013 on which I can build. It seems I need that base – this concept of run less, run faster doesn't really work for me – I think I need to be getting around 200km a month, preferably more.
My problem is that I have to travel for work, and also I have been getting ill. In January I was in Korea (South :) ) for a week and also the US. When travelling I have to run on those gym running machines – and that is just boring. Then I got sick. I have been sick for about 2 weeks so far this year.

I think that I was pushing myself when I got back and running a bit further than I should when it was very cold. Rather I should be running more often, but small amounts, and then build on that. I need to run 5 times a week ideally.

It means I am quite a bit behind where I wanted to be. I have only just managed 100km in January and February and I wanted to be around 250km each month so that I can start my intervals (resztav) and tempo runs. It's pretty frustrating. I tried intervals (resztav) Wednesday and it was not impressive!

The other thing I realize is that I wasn't enjoying the running so much this winter. I mean going out in the cold is OK, but it takes motivation. I realize that now when the weather is warming up, running is so much more enjoyable – getting out there into the fields and forests with my vizsla – just perfect!

So, I am having to revise my targets a bit – well rather a lot. I am not going to be able to run the Rotary Debrecen half marathon in under 90 minutes. I should aim for 95 minutes which is going to still be tough.
I am going to struggle to run a marathon in April – better is May – probably late May. I had thought of running 3 marathons this year, but I should settle for 2. The big target is the Budapest marathon and I will still aim for 3 hours – or close – with a very very good training program. I just need to get into great shape by July and then really perfect things.

The slightly warmer weather is a nice benefit. I can finally go for runs with Benji, my vizsla. The problem is that my daughter has a new puppy, and she gets so upset when I take Benji for runs. She knows he is getting something good. Problem is I find it hard to control 2 dogs and I don't think she can run that far – she has small legs even if she is fast.

The danger for me with all these plans is my potential work travel. I could be going to many different countries. When I go to other countries, I may be forced to run on a running machine when I don't know the local environment or it is not suitable for running outside - e.g.India. I suppose I'll have to just keep it ticking over then and get long runs in when I get back.

Oh well, I am not injured, thankfully switching to the chi running technique has pretty much removed my injuries, so I should be able to sort out that base soon.

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