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A marathon in under 3 hours

A very strong base

martski | 2012-03-16 22:25:24 | 3 hozzászólás

Running is going very well recently. Times are better, better than they have ever been, and I am not getting injured.

I believe this is down to the chi-running style I have started using - leaning forward, loose lower legs, not pushing off, circles with my feet, kicking backwards - there are a lot more little tricks it advises. I am not sure if it is coincidence, but a lot of it coincides with what the best runners do, though it makes a big contrast to power running - what I used to do , and get injured.

The most important thing is that I have now been able to get a proper base. In December and January I ran the furthest I had ever run before, then February significantly increased it by a further 20% to 235km, and again now in March I have increased it again and am looking at over 300km.

The intervals done recently were a bit of a shock - doing 10 x 800m and the average is just over 3 mins 1 second. A year ago I struggled to do even one 800 metres at that pace.

The trouble is I am running out of time, I had wanted to do more long tempo runs, and more hills intervals. Plus I wanted to do one more long tempo run - over 30km - at 4:40 pace or less. The problem is that I need to be careful to taper properly as well, so I can't do everything I want and work.

I have put quite a lot of time and effort into this now. My eating has been extremely sensible - tons of fruit and vegetables, better quality foods. Eating proper breakfast - porridge (zabpehely) - brown bread, brown rice when I can, no snacks apart from almonds and peanuts, half portions when I can and not over-eating, plus cutting out fatty foods almost completely, and a significant cut in alcohol. I also try and sleep enough.
I have lost about 2kg, and maybe I'll get another one off - without damaging my body in any way. In fact I am not dieting at all, just eating sensibly and running a lot.

I'll be glad when the marathon is over and I can relax a little. While I'd like to improve the running that bit more and be more sure that I'll beat 3h15, I also want to go out with my friends and have a few beers too many and not feel guilty about it afterwards :).

Mind you it is funny, a year ago when finishing my long runs - over 30km - I would reach for a beer first thing when I got back. Now I want apple juice and water, and I don't get cravings for beer like I used to. In fact when running with a friend recently, we are in a habit of taking a beer and I couldn't finish it.

Lastly in the back of my mind I hope that when pushing it in Vienna, I can remain injury free. If after that finishes, I am able to rest for about 2 weeks, and then restart the running, and I can keep pushing a balanced high volume running program with a 3-hour run each Sunday. Keeping a good volume and then when I switch into a proper training routine again, I hope to already be at high volume.

Congratulations to those doing the balaton super marathon - 53km today, wow! That is serious kilometerage - respect! 

Just a minute - a new blog

martski | 2012-03-11 14:07:56 | Nincs hozzászólás!

I decided to start this blog in place of the previous one - a marathon in under 3 hours. 

I am not sure I will ever reach that goal of the previous blog - a marathon in under 3 hours - though I definitely would like to achieve it. But it matters a little less to me if I don't - what does matter is that I continue to improve, year on year, race on race. And even more than that, to make sure I am healthy and enjoy the running.

I progressed a lot by reading a really excellent book 'Chi-Running' and I have to say I have read over 10 different running books, but this is by far the best I have read with all its careful advice and then all the many small tips and tricks it offers.

The general change to my running is that my distance is significantly increasing and I try much less the intervals and tempo runs, as these were what tended to push me into injury. I am focusing much more on a relaxed running style, and to elminate many of the bad habits I had. A good starting explanation is at 

Part of my problem is me: I also have to stop myself from getting excited when I do some intervals or tempo runs with good results and want to try and do it again too quickly.  Probably I should do just one all out interval/tempo run a week, though I'll consider if I can do more later.


It is interesting currently in that my distance in February 2012 was over 40km further than my previous month best of November 2011. My base is way way stronger than it ever was.

I have now increased the distances pretty significantly again in March in preparation for the Vienna marathon, and I am enetering the Debrecenand Vivicitta half marathons and then will taper and reduce the distances.

I am also running over 25km several more times than I did in preparation for Vienna. Running long distances is no longer a big issue for me.

I hope when running in Vienna, I have a much better base to get a good time, and more importantly not get injured. Then I can relax a little for a few weeks and then get back into running for another marathon or several half marathons in Summer/Autumn.

Oh, and I am running for a charity - have a look

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